Consortya is on IdeaFame

We were so exhausted by the Kickstarter that we thought we wouldn't have the energy for IdeaFame. But we've been working really hard on Consortya, and tonight we decided we didn't want to miss out on such an awesome opportunity. You can vote for Consortya. It's completely free to vote, and if we win, we get $10,000. Check out our 60 second pitch and vote by Friday.

Yesterday, we also released a new patch for Consortya. We took a lot of the feedback from the Heartland Gaming Expo and hit the biggest parts that got in the way of people being able to see the vision of the game. One of the main features we worked on had to do with networked enemy AI for the Qualmish Underlings. You can now fight them as a group. We also finally added in the health and magic bars.

Consortya is a work in progress. In a future version, we are going to work on expanding the attacks that the enemies can do. Right now we've only built in one attack and one enemy. We'd like to add in the tribesman and add in at least two separate attacks. The Qualmish Underling will get a roar attack which will lower your destruction magic strength and sap a small amount of MP.

Check out the release notes and download the build to try it out. Contact us with any bugs or suggestion!

We're putting together a Discord channel with some really sick tie-ins and perks for active members. Stay tuned.

Author: Andy M.

I'm the founder of Moonlight Games, LLC and the creator of Consortya.

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