Consortya is a Concert Adventure MMORPG where you can interact with amazing musical artists, live, wherever you are. Look for scheduled shows on our Facebook page.

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Performing a streaming DJ set at Consortya is a lot of fun! It reminds me of the old Turntable.fm days. ~Bunny

like turntable but not for nerdz. ~anonymooose

Consortya: All the awesomeness of the club, and still avoid public toilets!

interesting - new way to interact with ppl

great work Andy man. ~PeterR

this place looks great, keep it up, and get a lot of people in here one day. ~BenF

it's a place to come together and join your fellow man in celebration of music.

some day when you are a famous computer game programmer i will be able to say i helped you with one of your first major projects from beginning to end. ~BenM

It will be really cool when people can debut their stuff here! ~LukeL

Music is awesome. I just want people to be able to interact with it more without having to only experience that connection at concerts. ~AndyM Founder

i like how you can spin the camera 360 and see everything around you. ~BenM