Consortya is on IdeaFame

We were so exhausted by the Kickstarter that we thought we wouldn't have the energy for IdeaFame. But we've been working really hard on Consortya, and tonight we decided we didn't want to miss out on such an awesome opportunity. You can vote for Consortya. It's completely free to vote, and if we win, we get $10,000. Check out our 60 second pitch and vote by Friday.

Yesterday, we also released a new patch for Consortya. We took a lot of the feedback from the Heartland Gaming Expo and hit the biggest parts that got in the way of people being able to see the vision of the game. One of the main features we worked on had to do with networked enemy AI for the Qualmish Underlings. You can now fight them as a group. We also finally added in the health and magic bars.

Consortya is a work in progress. In a future version, we are going to work on expanding the attacks that the enemies can do. Right now we've only built in one attack and one enemy. We'd like to add in the tribesman and add in at least two separate attacks. The Qualmish Underling will get a roar attack which will lower your destruction magic strength and sap a small amount of MP.

Check out the release notes and download the build to try it out. Contact us with any bugs or suggestion!

We're putting together a Discord channel with some really sick tie-ins and perks for active members. Stay tuned.

Kickstarter Game Footage

Yesterday, with the backyards of Bentonville, AR covered in snow, a small group of Consortyans met with a purpose: to record the game footage for our #ConsortyaKickstarter.

EDIT: The campaign is now live at

Yesterday, with the backyards of Bentonville, AR covered in snow, a small group of 4 Consortyans met with purpose. Laptops and desktop computers were brought into my home as my wife prepared a delicious breakfast casserole, one of my favorite Christmas dishes. Nearly 2000 miles away in southern San Francisco, CA, 2 other Consortyans spent the morning arranging their own desktop computers and installing the latest build of Consortya.

The goal was simple. After years of development, and a concerted 3 month effort of preparation, we set out to record the game footage that will be used for our #ConsortyaKickstarter campaign. There are 3 core game components to our groundbreaking new sub genre "Concert Adventure MMORPG": live music, adventure, and remixes. The live music component is incredibly cool. With adventure, you set out to find out what makes Consortya special. Remixes allow you to take ownership of the music you collect along the way.

Recording was a crazy experience. The 6 of us were yelling across the house and across Slack for places and positions. Our "actors" needed to hit their marks! We had a blast. Everything we recorded was real game footage. Everything, including the networking, combat, broadcasting, and mixing components are real.

We've been working on Consortya for years, and we are so excited to get a chance to run this Kickstarter. We need to be backed so that we can complete and get the core game out to the world. There will be plenty of content additions after that. We're going to change lives, change music, and change the future. We're editing the footage now so check back in a couple of weeks.

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Hearing Club Audio Outside with a Low Pass Filter

When you’re outside of the club, it should sound like you’re outside.

I’m writing today to talk about a cool little feature my friend Ajinkya Waghulde and I have wanted to put into Consortya for over a year. What we envisioned was a muffled audio effect when you’re outside of the club to really capture that feeling where the audio is passing through the walls.

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Optimizing Consortya to Run Great on Your Computer

Consortya is a Massively Multiplayer Online Concert Game. We optimized it. The next time you join a concert in Consortya, you’ll feel the results.

Consortya is a Social Massively Multiplayer Online Game. One musical artist user broadcasts their own music live from their home studio to everyone else. You’ll probably need to check out the experience for yourself to really understand it. Here’s how we optimized it.

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Reactions From a Beta Concert

How we made Consortya more stable for our upcoming concerts.

We had an awesome time hanging out at the Concert With Bunny Knutson last Friday, January 20th 2016. There were a couple of things that didn’t go as planned, and I wanted to take a little time to explain what happened and what we’re going to do to make it better.

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New Year’s Resolution 2016

This year, my resolution is to help connect musical performers to musical audiences.

Every time a new year starts, I take some time to set goals for my fresh new 365 days. Once again, I’m planning on this being my best year ever.

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How to go from practicing your instrument to performing it.

If you’re starting to look for gigs, you’ll have to change up your practice routine a bit.

The greatest influence on your musical career is how motivated you are to continue practicing. When you were starting out, it was probably kind of easy to sit in your room and practice your music for hours on end.

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I was recently asked what my angle is for Consortya and how I plan to handle the differences between those fans who watch live performers and those who will interact with live performances in Consortya. I think that is a fair question, and I wrote a pretty long response. I adapted that response to catalog it here.

How do I plan to combat the differences in the demographics of the audience: an audience of people who would go to see you at a club or concert hall, vs an audience who wants to engage with your music from home or a friend’s house?

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