Terms And Conditions

Consortya Terms and Conditions

This terms sheet may be updated as we strive to offer the best services to our customers.
Consortya is used at your own risk. Moonlight Games, LLC will assume no liability for any of your actions concerning the use of our platform.

i. All rights for the music heard within the experience are assumed to be held by the person airing the broadcast. If you are an artist playing music within Consortya, then it is expected that you have full rights to play such music Moonlight Games, LLC assumes no liability for any misuse of licensed content, unless otherwise stated.

ii. Any copying, reproduction, distribution, or use, other than listening to the music from within
Consortya through the sound system projecting audio within your audible range in real time, is hereby prohibited. We assume no liability for customers who abuse the rights of the owners of the content.

iii. Any spending of money on items, audio quality, enhancements, personal club nights, or any other item for which Moonlight Games, LLC receives a payment from you is under the jurisdiction and laws of the state of Arkansas. In some instances we may be unable to reimburse or refund transactions.

iv. Interactions with other users within Consortya are your own. If you get into disputes or do anything we deem unnecessary, confrontational, annoying, or obnoxious we have the right to remove you and ban you from Consortya. You will not receive a refund for your transactions if you are banned for documented reasons which are valid and understood by the general decency of human kind.